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 Willow Bender 2018 repairs

Willow Bender started the season with an new and improved runner plank which lasted part of a day before crashing into a crack in front of the Geneva Inn.
The lesson of looking where you are going rather than up at the women on the balcony is a good one.
Video was provided by the people he was looking at.

The plank repair took only a couple of days. The result still deflects as it did before the crash.

The front board was crushed and had to be removed like decay in a tooth.

The scarf joint was done entirely by hand.

Sandpaper clamped to aluminum and stainless steel sheet make tools to create nice flat joints.

New spruce insert took a while to shape for good enough fit to make glue joints work.

Test fit - good

Plank ready - Glue in place. New wood goes in.

All clamped in place. The sanding and varnish went ok. Hard to tell it was crashed.

The flexible mast blew up in the last race of 2018. The replacement mast was on and tested at Green Lake. Here is the final fit with all stays finalized in the spring.