Boe-Craft Skeeter

Ice Yacht Association

Vilas Trophy 

Sailed for on the second Sunday of point racing on Geneva.  After February 15, the Vilas is given preference. 

Conditions of the Vilas Trophy race:

1. Only SIBC members may participate. Only men may compete in the Vilas race.

2. The winner must sail the same boat in four other Club races this season.

3. Sailed after 12 o’clock noon.

4. Race Not For Points (other trophy races are for points).

5. Minimum of 15 miles in length; marks minimum 1 mile apart.

6. Time limit - 60 minutes.

Vilas Trophy  

The Vilas trophy is open to all skeeters under the conditions noted above. When the A skeeter class stopped participating in club races, the Boe-Craft boats began to sail for both the Eck and Vilas trophies at the same time. The list below is of the Boe-Craft winners of the Vilas Trophy.

2009           Sparky Lundberg

2003           George Beukema

1997           Tom Schmidt

1996           Steve Schalk

1993           George Beukema