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OCTOBER 25, 2012

September 26th 2011
Sparky has had a busy summer and is still in the shop.
So far he has done two complete paint jobs along with major upgrading and repairs to two boats.

Casey Schiche's Satan had the original springboard fixed by scarfing in replacement wood where it was broken hitting a seam at Delavan.
Casey's boat then proceeded to prep and paint with a custom flame paint scheme and a translation of Satan to "Diablo".

The first new basswood spring board was moved to Grandson Cody's A skeeter, with a whole lot of rework on the boat's internal mounts.
The runner plank was lengthened from 16' to 18' to work with the mast that Sparky lengthened  to 24' last year.
A new boom is just being completed that will sweep the deck just like the A skeeters of the mid 70's.
The paint job is complete in red white and blue with the name "Ramblin Rebel" paying tribute to the boat being Paul Krueger's first Ramblin.

Springboard pictures followed by more detail of the mast glued up prior to shaping.

The upper and lower pieces of the nose block have yet to be added to the three laminations of the springboard in the two views below.

The views below show the wood all in place and ready to start carving away everything that does not look like a Boehmke mast.


Sparky has finshed the glue up of his first basswood springboard. Pictures will follow.

The extension of the Willow Bender spar is shown below . SIx pieces were required to extend the back board, front board, side boards, and inserts to add material to reduce the taper and widen the tip. 

This shows just the back and front pieces in place. Note the scarf joint on the side board and the long tapered front board that increases the width of the top of the mast. The wide board on the 6 x 6 is the port side top extension. The smaller piece on the red 4 x 4 is the port filler insert.

This shows all six pieces clamped in place. Tapered boards fit precisely with the side scarf joints and the tapered front board to complete the assembly.

The front board and added tapered boards show up in this view. The full width top extension boards are under the large wooden clamp to the left.

The views below show the whole job clamped up. Between 35 and 40 clamps are on there.

An interesting - and challenging to compensate for feature of the mast is the lop-sided construction. If you look closely at the tip that was cut off to begin the extension job, you can see the off-set of the pulley slot. In the next picture the side board thickness difference is obvious. The port side board is 1/2 inch and the starboard side is 3/4 inch.

My personal theory is that the two boards were so much different in stiffness that the only way they would match was with one board 1/4 inch thicker than the other. The mast deflects the same in both directions per the check Sparky did before he started, so it appears to work.


Sparky Lundberg Spent last summer putting a Nite back together from two pieces to better than original construction, followed by a full paint job. He also built a number of new B- Skeeter booms using Basswood.

This summer he has picked up and is air-drying enough Basswood for the construction of several springboards, planks and masts. His garage is packed with wood and boats, with just enough space to set up a spar and plank bench to begin construction.

Basswood being air-dryed with spacers to allow circulation

The Spar in the pictues below is a 23 foot Paul Kreuger mast being lengthened to 24 for Grandson Cody's single seeat skeeter.

The rear core board was extended by 12 inches, while a new front board was added several feet down the front of the mast. This resulted in a new reduced taper and a stiffer top mast section. The new side extensions were scarfed on, then the whole assembly was shaped.

With Cody's mast is almost ready to go to paint, Spark has started to glue up wood to assemble spingboards. The third set of 5/4 boards are in the edge glue set up below.  

Between gluing and laminating springboards, Sparky has started the process of lengthening Jim McAvoy's mast using the same method as done on Cody's.
Up-Dates on progress will follow.