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August 31st, 2014
Since the 20th the deck was sanded, primed and painted and final assembly steps on the components done.
The assembly was done on Sunday the 31st with the assistance of Chuck Kaye, Casey Schiche, Rick Pappas, Fritz Button, Lyle Clayton and Mary Jane.

Everything lined up as it was supposed to and only a few things need to be finished off. (Like one page single spaced worth)

In the photo above - multi-tasking. The epoxy on the newly lined up chocks is drying while the first paint color coat was applied over the white under-coater.

Final coat unmasked and before trim rail.

Trim rail in place

Champagne before Brats! We must be in Wisconsin!

August 20th, 2014
Lots of progress. The mast, plank and springboard came out clean and perfect for the blonde and varnish process.
The bottom went on August 1st followed by a great lunch.

The handles work great!

Custom fabricated pulley fairings. The only two in existence.

Springboard mounted to hull.

Chocks mounted and holes drilled prior to varnish.

The varnish is all Benjamin Moore 440 C - the last in captivity.

When its gone - its gone.

Two coats of west system on the deck.

Following 5th coat on mast and plank

July 27th 2014
Below are pictures covering the build starting with gluing in the deck stringers through the deck install.

Bottom stringers clamped in place.

Stringers in and steering completed.

The seat bottom was laminated from two pieces of 1/8 marine ply in a separate jig, then glued into the pocket routed into the lower chines.

Handle boxes glued in place.

Framing stay through rod and tang completed.

top view of Springboard mounting brackets in place and bottom of bow glued on.

Seat bottom finished.

Underside of tail in place and curing - measuring to mount Plank brackets.

Floor fit in place prior to epoxy and varnish.

Prepping the deck plywood. The front deck was scarfed to allow installation in one piece.

Gluing party - lots of help made the process successful.

Ready to laminate the cockpit edge. Three more layers build it up to 1/2" thick.

July 1st 2014
The shaping using the lines from the lofting went faster than expected.

The stringers were made Monday morning, and got fit ready for gluing today, July 1st.

June 29th 2014
Here are a few shots of the side gluing and the results after a little shape clean-up. A few more hours of shaping left now that the lines have been transferred from the lofting to the sides.

Burly, Chuck, Casey, Lyle and Mary Jane made the process go pretty smoothly.

Mary Jane also made a killer pork tenderloin on pretzel roll lunch with fruit, corn salad and veggies. Good thing the neoprene gloves keep the epoxy out of the lunch!

An hour to remove the clamps and put them away, and four to plane the edges and shape the nose and tail block and what you see below is the result.

June 23rd 2014
The new hull is coming along. Troy stopped to drop off wood scraps for making clamping blocks and stayed for the whole chine installation.
Fritz stopped to see the project and stayed to help glue in all the between chine inserts.
The main spar is cut down to correct shape, the chines are sanded and ready to glue the sides on as of today.
The steering has been completed and works slick. Thanks to Bill Mattison for some views of his last bubble boat build for the idea of using Delrin slides for the pedals.

Spring 2014
The former Lee Engsburg A skeeter project has moved along into a Boecraft more rapidly than planned because of the lack of sailing conditions last winter.
The new boat was sold before any spruce to make the sides and chines was located.

Spruce was fortunately found locally and work is proceeding.

Thanks to Bob Mereness for the Makita planer that made the nice square edges on the side boards. The sides are two 6 inch 4/4 boards glued together and then planed down to 1/2" thick.