Boe-Craft Skeeter

Ice Yacht Association

Skeeter Haven 2012
The basement workshop at W6001 Brick Church Road

October 22, 2012     Summer of 2012 at Skeeter Haven - Summary

October 13, 2012- The 18 foot Mead Side-by Side left for Clear Lake Iowa

August 11th - Got new project - A 1920's era Mead Batwing III.
In 5 weeks a new plank was built to replace the knackered original, the backbone, mast, and cockpit were stripped, repaired, coated with epoxy and varnished. Sails were made out of old E-scow jibs, and all rigging and hardware was designed, fabricated and installed. With some runner alilgnment and shimming work, as well as adapting an old boom, the project is now ready.

Replaced the steering cables on Akebono, and revised the waer plate to prevent the cables getting frayed again.

July - August - Stripped, sanded and reblonded the plank from Skating Away II. Hung up and waited to varnish in conjunction with Willowbender bottom. Varnish finished in mid-August on both.

July  - Mr. McAvoy was found to have punched a couple of holes in the bottom of Willowbender. It was discovered at the Northwest Regatta in Green Bay.
The holes were patched and minor fractures repaired at Skeeter Haven in July.

 Sparky lettering Kaahlen's boat at Skeeter Haven. 1/19/2012

September 26th 2011
More pictures of the Repairs to Burly's boat. Unexpected bonuses were four cracks/holes punched in the bottom and a cracked keelson between # 3 and 4 bulkheads.

A flip over to paint the bottom resulted in the discovery of a loose panel at the plank brackets and a broken chine, as well as a couple of pounds of road gravel and sand in the tail section.

The chine was possible to fix without removal and the bracket mounts were repaired thanks to the Gougeon Brothers.
The plank opening was sealed to add strength and eliminate future gravel trapping in the tail.

The noseblock was a bit crushed and needed epoxy infused into it. New vertical supports were added on all the bulkheads, and the tops of bulkheads 3, 6 and 7 were reinforced.

The psychedelic paint job on the deck is the result of 10 or more paint layers going back to 1965 being sanded back prior to primer.

Back to red again and ready for many more seasons of hard sailing.

June 12th 2011
The Black Widow stopped in for some steering work. A half hour turnbuckle and wheel change turned into 3 hours of making new stainless plates, polishing, greasing and wiring.

Next on the agenda for Kaahlen is a new paint job.

June 28th 2011
Burly's deck goes back on tomorrow. The repairs done and lots of pictures will follow.

Two layers of 1/4" x 4" spruce were laminated on the sides of the main spar spanning the #5, 6 and 7 bulkheads. All new blocks were made up to bond the bulkheads to the spar.

The main spar under the mast step was cracked in several places. The top of the #7 bulkhead was crushed. None of the blocks that attach the bulkheads to the spar had any glue still intact - just a couple of screws and a few loose nails.

MAY 4th  2011
Finally complete
Installing the bottom was a snap - the Deck was a real challenge due to the high point in the sides. I could not have done that without Chuck and MJ.

Looks pretty good for 72 years old. All the original serial numbers, labels and hardware were preserved.

After corrections - everything fits and is ready to cruise.

First try resulted in some sail and stay changes.

Hardware on and ready to try to put it together

Deck in primer over 410 fairing filler


Many coats of Benjamin Moore 440 Spar Varnish on bottom, sides and spars.

Plank has very cool fairing to match bottom curve - Mead did build gliders you know - aerodynamics first!

The deck gluing is finished - sanding marathon next

Rear of cockpit gets same treatment

Ready to trim and finsh

The cockpit gets two more 1/8" layers to up the strength

2 1/2 hours and some worries about wrinkes and the deck is on

Bottom on and curing

  For all the 2010 work done on the Mead - Use the link to Skeeter Haven 2010.