Boe-Craft Skeeter

Ice Yacht Association

Skeeter Haven 2009
The basement workshop at W6001 Brick Church Road


Burly’s broken plank-

Split front and back on the starboard side – was stripped apart along the front glue joint and broken along the top board to back board joint.

New piece was fabricated and glued to the top board to create a new glue joint.

The interior was reworked, filling in the hollow center and the hollow ends.

With a lot of help the top board ad bottom assembly were glued together on the jig.

The newly glued plank was stripped, re-blonded and varnished.

Burly’s back-up plank was stripped, re-blonded and varnished.


Gin Rummy – both sides broken/splintered 6 and 8 feet back from the bow.

 Broken material removed back to good wood at chines.

Deck and bottom removed back far enough to clamp new glue joints.

Bulkheads 1A, 1B, 1, 2 and 3 drawn up in SolidEdge using the full-size lofting from skating Away II.

New bulkheads constructed of 7 layer 3/8 birch plywood.

New nose-block constructed of 5/4 spruce.

New solid chines and chines fabricated and glued in place with 11 inch scarf joints. Jig for assembly was constructed off the springboard locations for the kingbolt and mounting brackets.

Deck and bottom replaced.

Boom stripped of red paint, tube and all fasteners replaced. Blonded and varnished.

Sides stripped, blonded as well as possible with 4 visible glue joints, and varnished with 8 coats of Benjamin Moore 440 Spar.

Burly’s repaired plank was fitted to hull and springboard bolted directly on with perfect hole alignment.

Located and glued up battens for two sails to go with the boat.

Complete boat set up and rigged to test all fits. Had to move block location on the boom, everything else ok.

Boat delivered to Troy Soberg complete on the trailer.


Plan BJim McAvoy’s Boecraft

Removed Springboard and bottom panel under the bow to move framing stay location up to hull in new bulkhead.

Found huge nest in bow – cleaned out and found some damage to keelson at nose-block.

Constructed new three layer 1B bulkhead as location to put stainless bar through for stays.

Added new top spar back the #4 bulkhead to bring the height up to 3”. Original in this boat was 7/8”. Constructed new hollow bulkhead for a combined 1A/#1 bulkhead. Added missing bulkhead #2, added vertical support to #3.

Replaced one mounting bracket, replaced all fasteners at 1B with stainless.

Reglued bottom of the nose-block.

Replaced the damaged section of the keelson.

Spring board:

Added bronze bushings to the steering to eliminate bad wobble.

Epoxied grooves from the steering cables, cleaned up epoxy on top and repainted.

Assembled to plank, set up and wired framing stays with longer turnbuckes.


Built new set of gang blocks – one with 3.5 inch spacing and one with 4 inch spacing. Used old and new aircraft bell crank bearings and pulley components supplied by Burly and Paul Kreuger.

2008 - 
Reconstructed the broken bits of Rumrunner into a complete boat with 3 inch replacement chines and new spruce from the mast step to the tail. Spruce was a generous gift from Rick Henning.