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February 2018      Post Regatta Work

Up first - Miss Geneva. Steering exit pulley knocked off the #1 bulkhead and bulkhead torn up.
Pictures in reverse order. 

Next up -Diablo. This is what happens when the runner plank of the out side boat disembowels 

the inside boat. Outside must stay outside. Pictures again in reverse order.

September 5th, 2017
The summer of 2017 saw the reconstruction of two broken planks, first was my plank broken at the Northwest in 2016 and one scrapped from a rough ride on a Geneva seam.

Broken board and stringer out and scarf joints prepped.

Artwork from Bob Pegel in 1990 during earlier bottom board replacement.

New pieces test fit.
New boards glued and clamped in place.

New board and clamps ready to go.

This is how Bob taught me to reinstall the radius. Time consuming but works perfectly!

The second plank took more time because I made the huge mistake of pulling the broken board off rather than using the router. The front and back boards and stringers were toast. and all needed new parts fabricated and scarfed in.

At start, broken splintered guts

Center stringers glued and clamped in.

Side view of stringer glue setup.

Stringers in place after clamps removed.

New front and back boards glued and clamped in place.

New boards in place pre-planer and longboard.

Post a day of making surface perfectly flat and level.

Detail of scarf joints after longboarding.

Filler Spruce pieces fit and ready to glue.

Filler boards glued and clamped in place.

New board from Joe Norton edge glued to make new bottom board.
12 inch long scarf joints prepped, west system applied, board moving into position.

Clamped in center with lead to hit stop at correct curve.

Clamped at correct crown flipped and ready to move to jig.

On the jig for "6 inch" crown.

All clamps in place.

Post radius on bottom board edge - West system 105/207 plus a hot coat.

Finished with brand new chock assemblies, new carpet with 5mm thick spike prophylactics underneath to save it from Jimmy's log roller spikes.

The last project of the season was Jim Smith's Rumrunner II.