Boe-Craft Skeeter

Ice Yacht Association

I - 564  Skating Away II refinish 2018

After lots of dings, crunches, and time in the elements, Skating Away II was due for some new paint and a little varnish work.
The runner plank got a recent coat of varnish after the removal of the really wild purple paint stripes it got from being too intimate with Diablo's bottom. Unfortunately the cover went right on ready for the next regatta. The nice mat finish that produced had to be sanded and redone after 
Leg Room went out the door. It is still curing now out of the cover. The picture below is after the first try.
 Deck sanding went pretty fast. 

There were several cracks in the deck that needed attention. A little glass and epoxy followed by microlight filler and you get a flat surface.

The first color coat after two primer coats looked good, but had too much stipple left from not sanding the primer enough. 

Intermediate coat after sanding. Finally getting smooth.

The final coat came out ok. Not as good as Casey's red, but not bad.

The sides were sanded with 320 grit, and some nicks were touched up with Casey's yellow paint.

While that was underway a new crack showed up in the port side. 
It required edge and surface gluing a chine extension on each side in the cockpit, followed by opening and filling the crack. The repaired crack is in the second photo below.

While working on the sides some cracks in the bottom plywood were found. The locating wedges on the for the front of the hull were shaped wrong and literally punched in the plywood right behind the steering pulleys.
A new curved mount made to exactly fit the hull has been fabricated and installed on the trailer. The hull will get flipped to repair the bottom when the paint and varnish have had more time to cure.

The trailer box got a couple of new coats of paint as well.