Boe-Craft Skeeter

Ice Yacht Association

 I - 237  Satan returns

This is where we left Diablo in mid February. Ready to sail, but a bit worn down on the cosmetics.

Casey made the decision to restore the boat to its most original condition, just like it was when Bill Boehmke built it for his uncle, Buck Boyington.
The original color deck was bright red and of course blonde sides. The original name was Satan. We had an original photograph to work from.
The many layers of purple and silver paint zipped off with a sharp putty knife and wood chisels.
The primer was more stubborn.

 Removing all the rest with sanders took a while, but it all came clean. Every repair in the boat's history shows up and adds to its character.

The next step, since I had lots of time, was to install handles to help us all get the boat on and off the trailer.

The ghost image of the original name showed up under all the old paint and varnish, just like in the pictures

While stripping the springboard, fiberglass from a repair from a few years ago on Delavan made an appearance. There would be no way to blonde and varnish the springboard.
Casey went to work finding a solution.

He went to the paint store in Lake Geneva armed with a chip of blonded and varnished spruce, and came back with a single part polyurethane paint formulated to match the color.

This is how the rolled on paint gets tipped out.

White undercoat produces the blonding effect. White res is no longer available so it gets done now with a 50/50 white enamel/thinner mix.

Varnish in progress

This is after coat number six.

Deck had lots of paint - most was removed but base was left and primered.

Paint rolled and tipped with foam roller and foam brush.

It took three coats to complete. One of the better paint jobs we have done. The 120 brushing thinner helps even in a 64 degree shop to help the paint lay down flat and shiny.

Hull and springboard finished.
The varnish will darken and every year get closer to the paint color on the springboard. It will probably be a perfect match when everything needs a refinish again.

Note the finishing detail on the rear deck. There was a hole aft of the block rack that needed a cosmetic cover, so Satan got a hand made pierced plate. Mascot?

Next - the rest of the parts!
Mast sanded nice and clean - fast too.

Plank unfortunately was covered in glass and had to go the paint route.

Mast in varnish
The boom is basswood built by Sparky. The wood was so light it worked perfect to go direct to varnish with no white undercoat needed to match the blonde spruce.

The very last job was to put new pyramid pattern step pads on the plank.

It sure looks ready to go, but we should probably put the whole thing together before it gets real cold and make sure it all goes together correctly.