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Maverick Fix 2018

The 2018 early season saw John Porter's Maverick, sailed by RJ Porter come to grief for the third time with a broken plank.
This one was pretty spectacular, with the boom going through the deck while spinning as the mast came down when the sidestay left with the end of the plank.

There were a few components to be replaced, and the runner needed a serious nose job as you can see above.
Chuck Kaye provided a replacement plank that was built for him by Bob Pegel in the early 90's.
The runner blade straightened pretty quickly using a technique taught me by Sparky Lundberg, but the stiffeners had to be replaced with new ones made from scratch.
The hole in the rear deck was first up:

The plywood panel was fit from underneath and glued in place with clamps and wedges on the underside as well as those seen here from the top. This provides a large enough surface to glue the patch panel to.
New panel in, then epoxy and filler to get a paintable surface.

The repaired runner was lined up on the new plank along with its mate.

The green would have to go however.
Don't mind the reverse order. The finished product looked like this they day it was finished and it will get darker as the varnish ages.
Next up - Build a new boom from scratch.
The spruce used was from an early 60's Boehmke single seat hull. Really nice grain and hard to find now.
Shaping the profile was easy. Cutting the groove for the sail foot tube was more complex, but went well due to the shaper table Fritz gave me.

The finished product came out great. The plate polishing is a dirty job, but it really makes a difference in the outcome.

Next up - The chine was cracked at the number 12 bulkhead, so meranti plywood was sistered on to the bulkhead, and spruce blocks were added to tie the chines, floor and bulkhead together.

The clamps on the port side were needed to re-glue the spruce panels into the hull where the plank mounting brackets are attached. A plywood sister panel was also added to stop new cracks.

While starting on more deck damage repairs, a crack was found in the port side at the mast step. There was no choice but to repair it with spruce sistered across the crack inside and on the chine.

Once the spruce was in the hole was closed in the normal process.

First you put in an under-layer of plywood to glue to and then put the patch on.

The holes get filled and then a lot of sanding, paint/varnish.

Last job was to cut out and fill the crack.

The bottom was peeling and ugly so a quick sand and paint was next.

Next up was sanding, primer, paint and lastly, a couple of coats of varnish on the hull.

Paint was applied with foam roller and tipped with a foam brush.

After first coat

Finished product in the light of day.

As the upholstery was being put back in, a nasty break in the Number 10 bulkhead appeared.
No point in making it look good only to explode.
Next remove broken bits and make joint with lots of glue area.
Make new piece to glue into bulkhead. Make sister piece to laminate the bulkhead stronger than original. (belt and suspenders).

 Finished product below. Now it really is done!