Boe-Craft Skeeter

Ice Yacht Association

I - 248  Leg Room Fix 2018

At the conclusion of the 2018 racing season, Jason discovered that Leg Room had developed an abscess hull mounting bracket. 
The port forward bracket had ripped out of the hull and partway through the plywood plate covering the hull/plank opening.

Repairs got going after Satan was completed.

At first it looked like a good idea to patch the bottom plate, but all the brackets needed attention and leveling to the bottom of the hull so the panel came off completely. This shot is after the brackets had been refastened and leveled to the hull bottom.                                                             The port forward bracket was moved back an inch to avoid the damaged wood it pulled out of, and the damage was filled with epoxy. 

When the boat was rotated to its back to glue a new panel on, a hole punched in the bottom came to light.                                     

Pretty standard hole fix.

The interesting rectangular opening is normally under an aluminum access panel. It gives access for repairs to the Madison style geared steering put in the boat by Bob Pegel when he built it.

New bottom panel glued in place and coated with epoxy.

Relocated bracket on your right. A bit closer to the line up pin bracket than original.

The plank was plugged, epoxied and painted. This is drilling the new hole location for the moved bracket.

It bolts together and the framing stays fit correctly.