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Here is a link to photos taken by George Ciotti during the Regatta.
Great shots of the racers and cruisers sailing off Fontana Beach, January 31st, 2015.



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Another New hull is in progress this off-season.

See the Skeeter Haven Page in off season projects for photos of the build as it progresses.

Matt Mason, a  Lake Geneva Wedding photographer, took some amazing video footage in January 2010 of many of the Boe-Craft owners on Geneva Lake.  The area of sailable ice was small but was sufficient size to make the video.  Enjoy! 

Video is posted on YouTube and on Matt's Website

Visitor Count (2010):

Bill Boehmke

2013 Regatta Photo Link

Ice Boat Regatta on Lake Geneva 2-16-13 | AS5U2756_HDR

January 30th, 2011
Check out the YouTube video link below.
This was taken by Paul Wood on the second day of Wednesday racing on Delavan.

December 28th, 2014
Lake Puckaway was the place to sail last weekend. There was a little too much wind on Saturday and not a whole lot on Sunday, but there was opportunity to sail both days for Todd Morgan and Troy Soberg.

December 16th 2014
After well over a week of sailing days on Lake Como, all seven of the Boecrafts that were on the ice at some point in late November and early December are off waiting for a new freeze.

November 27th, 2014
A group of Boecraft owners are building some new sets of runners at the Button shop.

The axle tube and plate assemblies are being welded now, while the blades are being shipped from Kankakee IL.

October 19, 2014
Todd Morgan has completed his refinish job on the
Miss Geneva III.

August 31st, 2014
Final Assembly took place on Sunday the 31st.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance and patience as the plank was drilled and framing stays made up.

More photos on the Skeeter Haven Page

photo - Casey Schiche

August 20, 2014
Lyle Clayton's Skeeter is coming along. It should be assembled before September.
See the Skeeter Haven Page for photos.
Better Late than Never
SIBC Commodore Rick Pappas finally receives the OH NO award for swimming with his ice yacht in January of 2014.

Still July 27th
The standard 64 clamp cockpit gluing shot:
July 27th, 2014
The deck is on. Still a lot to go but it really looks like a boat now.
Lots of pictures on the Skeeter Haven Page.
July 1st 2014
Shaping and topside construction proceeding.

JUNE 29th 2014
The sides went on Friday the 27th thanks to the helpers.

Clamps off and some shaping started 6-28. More pictures on the Skeeter Haven Page.

JUNE 23rd 2014
The newest Boecraft is taking shape. Here are a few photos. For a lot more see the Skeeter Haven page in Off-Season Projects.

2014 SIBC & Boe-Craft Banquet
Here are a Few Very late photos from the Banquet held on April 5th, 2014.

Jimmy McAvoy was most improved again!

Popeye's, Geneva Inn, Pier 290, Chuck's

2014 ISA Flushed by Thursday night downpour.
When the water drained through it cut runner swallowing holes at the crack intersections. Done for this season!

2014 ISA Regatta is on for Green Lake

Meanwhile - at Geneva Lake
The Boecraft Fleet who stayed at home got some breakfast cruising on Saturday and a lot of ice time.
March 17th, 2014
The 2014 Northwestern Ice-Yachting Association Regatta was completed on Sunday March 16th.
Six Boecraft and Two Yankee B Division Skeeters sailed for the B-Skeeter Trophy.
Winds were gusty and steadily increasing on Friday with temperatures over 40 creating soft and sticky conditions. Only one B race was held before the wind went to 30mph and races were abandoned for the day.
Mark Hancik in the world's fastest Yankee took the first race going away. He managed to avoid every wind hole that caught out everyone else. Peter Vandevelde showed his consistent speed in slush conditions again to take Second.
Jimmy had the leeward cone jump right out in front of him and he just couldn't avoid it!

All Photos Courtesy of Tim Bryden

Saturday brought light wind allowing only the first race - NIYA Class E - the A skeeters, to finish, and not all finished within a half hour of the leader. 
No wind for the rest of the day meant the fleet could tow in and have a great cookout put on by the Green Lake IceYacht Club.

Sunday brought 10 degrees and plenty of wind. Two races were held for the B Skeeters. The ice was hard and a little bumpy but plenty fast. The first race went to the NIYA race Committee chairman, with Jimmy McAvoy taking second to create a tie for first going into the last race.
The third race was dominated by Fritz Button in the newest Boecraft, while Hancik and Schalk fought to break the tie. At the end Troy Soberg caught and passed Mark for third place and the final positions were set.

2014 NIYA B Skeeter

March 14 - 16 Green Lake Wisconsin

Results are final as of 3:00 pm on March 16th

Rank Class SailNo HelmName R1 R2 R3 Total
1st B I 564 Steve Schalk 3 1 2 6.0
2nd B 219 Mark Hancik 1 3 4 8.0
3rd B I 228 Fritz Button 5 4 1 10.0
4th B Z 402 Peter Vandervelde 2 6 6 14.0
5th B I 112 Jim McAvoy DSQ 2 5 16.0
6th B I 140 Troy Soberg DNC 5 3 17.0
7th B 401 Jeff Smith 4 DNC DNC 22.0
8th B Z 254 Todd Morgan DNF DNC DNC 27.0


Sailwave Scoring Software 2.02 build 6

MARCH 9TH, 2014

February 17th, 2014
The only iceboating activities since the last update have been repair work and telling stories at Wednesday Lunches.
Mike Ortiz will be ready to go with a revised springboard when we finally get a thaw.
The Miss Geneva will be ready to head back to Green Lake this week with a major internal rebuild, new bottom, new steering cables and hardware, new framing stays, and new side stays.
We continue to get hammered by repeated snow build-up. We have a lot of ice under the snow so there is still hope for spring sailing.

Here is a little bit of history while we are waiting. The image below is the first season of B skeeters racing as a separate start and actual championship in the Skeeter Iceboat Club. The year was 1964. Four of the seven boats in the championship series are still in service today.

More History in the coming days as there are not many options in North America. Maybe we head to Canyon Ferry. It looks Like their snow is melting.

January 20th, 2014
After 4 days of cruising on partially snow covered ice with a bit of a rough surface, we are on hold waiting for a thaw. The small, almost daily snowfalls have added up to enough to create drifts. The drifts have now gotten pretty hard.
Any sailing is better than none however and most took advantage of the opportunity. There were 11 different Boecrafts sailing on Geneva Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
It was possible to sail from Williams bay nearly to Linn Pier and from Fontana up to the Conference Point to Chicago Club Heave/Seam.

The NIYA Regatta and ISA are postponed. There is no known race ready ice in North America right now, but we have less snow cover than any other NIYA site, so a meltdown would probably clear Geneva first.
Make and Mend time for a couple of weeks.

January 14th, 2014
The snow did not happen and the trapped water in the shell ice has frozen solid to the ice underneath. We have a good chance now.

January 13th, 2014
The 2014 Northwestern Yachting Association Championship Regatta is on for Friday January 17th.
The bad news is that the weather forecast, if it is anywhere close to accurate, will result in a postponement.

To top off the bad news, Geneva is 70 to 80 percent shell ice and will also get snow cover from this storm.

Todd Morgan, Peter Vandervelde and Troy Soberg got to sail at Green lake before the shell ice and wind got too bad on Sunday.
The Miss Geneva is now due for a nose job, and it looks like Troy will need to go back to Green Lake and dig his boat out of a snow drift.