Boe-Craft Skeeter

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Boe-Craft B Skeeter History
 This page will in future include a history as close as can be compiled of the side by side
skeeters built by Bill Boehmke. Until that work is completed, we have links below to pages that contain the history of B skeeters in the Northwestern Ice Yachting Assocation (NIYA) and the International Skeeter Association (ISA).

Class B - Two place side by side skeeter - was first officially recognized as a separate class for the 1965 ISA.

The ISA document shows the location, competitors, sail numbers, and complete race finishes for every ISA Championship starting with 1965.

The NIYA document shows the location, competitors, sail numbers, total number of skeeters competing, and the overall finishing place of each side by side starting with 1965. In the NIYA, side by sides were not officially raced separate from any other skeeters. All types of skeeters raced in NIYA Class E. Early in this Millenium, the side by sides were not allowed to race in class E, but were allowed to sail with the stern steering classes. Those years are easy to see in the finishing position column.

ISA Records
NIYA Records