Boe-Craft Skeeter

Ice Yacht Association

Button Shop
Fritz Button's basement workshop, Lake Geneva
After many paint issues with the deck The Hull is finally done. The plank and boom were painted on Sunday the 1st.


November 15th after masking removed.

Last Varnish coat, November 14th

November 13th, 2013
Final paint and varnish will be done this week.

October 30, 2013. The hull is complete. Epoxy coating, varnish and paint next. This one may even get upholstery!

October 16th the front deck was installed. Lots of help from Mary Jane.

Lonnie says: "We don't do DNs this way."

Fritz put the back deck on the next day by himself.

Deck edge trimmed and cockpit lamination were completed on the 20th.

Fritz's build began with a panic trip to Madison with two hours notice to be able to get good spruce. The shipment was going fast.
The next step was planing the boards, cutting to make chines and edge gluing to make the side boards.

Next was marking the plywood using mylar templates from the drawings, cutting out the bulkheads and making nose and tail block:

Setting up the assembly table to hold all the bulkheads in position was done with the help and advice of Bob Pegel. Getting everything in correct position per the lofting took several hours.

Next step was to dry fit and then glue on the chines:

Clamping the hind end of this design is a bit of a challenge - but the extra time and effort is worth the result.

Next step - gluing the sides on. A bit easier than the chines but a lot more clamps.

With the sides on lots of work shaping the top and bottom of the sides takes place.

Here are some steering details - Boehmke steering with all Harken blocks. The old Boston Whaler type coaming pulleys are no longer available, so this is the way new boats will have to work.

A little Fritz touch to the steering - custom made bronze rollers for the aluminum steering tubes. Don't try this at home unless you have a few extra weeks of time on your hands.