Boe-Craft Skeeter

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Bob Mereness started a simple refinish project on his boat this August. When the paint and varnish started to come off, things got more complicated.
To quote Bob "….” I did not know refinishing an iceboat could get so involved.”

…”Prep work finally started”

 “Bottom got a fresh coat of varnish”

…..”Sides are done and name is on…boat sent to the guy who is spraying the deck.”


OOPS - Compression cracks through the top board of the plank at the hull footprint sent the Plank to Skeeter Haven for surgery. 

Thanks to a 72" x 14" 5/4 spruce plank from Fritz Button and Rick Henning and the remains of the original Rumrunner springboard, material was secured for the repair.
The center was filled solid with spruce between the stringers prior to replacing the top board. 

The scarf joint on each side was 17.5" long. The new board is 0.900" thick.

The plank deflects a bit less than before, but it is unlikely to blow up now.